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UK records UKAL 1007 - (Sheet music)


Ultra Phone 6.24003 - (Profile)
Ultra Phone 6.28561-1 - (The legends of rock)


Uni records MAPS 6097 - (Moods)


United Artist records 1c 048/9 - (The very best of Sandy Nelson)
United Artist records 5c 152-9 - (Solo)
United Artist Records 60009 - (Tago Mago)
United Artist records 62 069 - (Feel Good)
United Artist records UA-LA388 - (The very best of Dionne Warwick)
United Artist records UAS 2930 - (Historical figures and ancient heads)
United Artist records UAS 5530 - (Nuff Said)
United Artist records UAS-2945 - (The new age)
United artist UAS 29866 - (Blanket on the ground)
United Artists 5c 038-90308 - (Hawaii five-o)
United Artists 5c 062.60395 - (City to city)
United Artists LBR 1017 - (Split (the rock file))
United artists records 1a 062- - (Word salad)
United Artists records 5c 062- - (On the third day)
United Artists records 5c 062- - (Sweet Rhode Island red)
United Artists records 5c 062- - (Sweet Rhode Island Red)
United artists records 5c 062- - (The good, the bad and the ugly)
United Artists records AUAL 22 - (Live)
United Artists records LBS 834 - (Live in Paris)
United Artists Records UA-LA 1 - (Shirley Bassey Live at Carnegie Hall)
United Artists records UA-LA12 - (Cookin' with Fats)
United Artists records UA-LA19 - (War live)
United Artists records UA-LA36 - (Feelings)
United Artists records UA-LA64 - (Greatest hits)
United Artists records UA-LA65 - (The Painter)
United Artists records UA-LA71 - (Shirley Bassey's Greatest Hits)
United Artists records UAG 294 - (Never, never, never)
United Artists records UAS 292 - (American Pie)
United Artists records UAS 298 - (Acid Queen)
United Artists records UAS 554 - (All day music)
United Artists records UAS 566 - (Let me touch your mind)
United Artists records XUA S-5 - (This is my life)
United Artists records5c 062-9 - (Greatest hits)
United Artists UA-LA331-E - (The very best of the Ventures)
United Artists UA-LA380-E - (The very best of Fats Domino)
United Artists UAS-9958 - (Fats Domino (rood))
United Artitists UA95052 - (Just for you)
United arttists records 1a 062 - (The Raven)
United records and tapes US 77 - (Folk blues)
United records and tapes US 77 - (The greatest hits of John Lee Hooker)
United records US 7717 - (Big City Blues)
United records US 7728 - (The great B.B. King)
United US-7713 - (Sings the Blues)


Universe 2LS84 - (Bintangs Bye Bye Live in Paradiso)


Unlimited gold ULG 88520 - (The best of our love)


Up Front UPF 199 - (Chuck Berry al-time hits)

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